Discover the vineyard and the loire wines Differently

Of wines and boats - €45/person

Wine tasting on traditional boats on the river Loire

The Loire offers a perfect setting to taste the wines produced in the area. Did you know that until the mid 19th century, the wines produced in the Loire Valley were transported on River Loire, either towards Paris or to the city of Nantes, from where they were then shipped abroad?


Since 2017, Myriam and Millière Raboton, a company that throughout the year organises rides on the Loire aboard traditional wooden boats, have been offering wine  and food tastings on boats.

Depending on the dates, the rides start either in Chaumont-sur-Loire, from the harbour located at the foot of the chateau, or in Amboise, from l’île d'Or, just opposite the chateau.

It lasts 3 to 4 hours and is the opportunity to taste 5 Loire wines - one served directly on the boats, the others on a sandbar along the river. The wines are served with local delicacies (you won't need to have dinner after the tour, as there is sufficient food served with the wines).




Dates 2018:

- Wednesday 18th July 2018 at 6pm - departure from Chaumont-sur-Loire

- Tuesday 14th August at 6pm - departure from Chaumont-sur-Loire

What the price includes:

- the boat ride on the Loire with a local guide

- the tasting of 5 Loire wines

- local finger food served with the wines


Bikes' N Wines - from 25€/person

Bike ride and wine tasting in the Vouvray vineyard

Biking along the Loire is a must-do in the Loire Valley. Get off the beaten path and follow Myriam in the vineyard of Vouvray!

Starting from the family winery, you will discover the landscapes between the Loire and the Brenne valleys.

The ride - approximately 12 km / 19 miles - will be the opportunity to discover private chateaux and traditional and local buildings that used to play a significant role in the vinegrowers' lives.

You will taste 4 Vouvray and Touraine wines in the vineyard, directly on the plots of land where the grapes were harvested. One last wine will be served upon arrival at the winery. The wines are all served with local finger food.


25€/person (the price does not include the bike rental. You are welcome to bring your own bike. Possibility to rent a bike - approximately 14€/bike).


Children are welcome on this tour. They will taste grape juice produced at the family winery as well as local food.


Other dates are possible for groups of minimum 6 people. Contact Myriam for more information.

What the price includes:

- the guided bike ride in the vineyard (12.5 km)

- the tasting of 5 Vouvray/Touraine wines

- local finger food served with the wines