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I am Myriam Fouasse-Robert, the founder and owner of Rendez-Vous dans les Vignes ('Let's meet in the vineyard', for a proper translation into English!)

I grew up in Vouvray, a wine-making village at the heart of the Loire Valley. My grandfather was a winegrower in this part of the Touraine region (that's the name of the area around the city of Tours). I remember taking part in the harvest when I was a child - which I didn't really like at that time! What I enjoyed most was eating grapes while picking them.


My husband is also a winemaker whose family has been making wine in the Vouvray area for several generations. By marrying a winegrower, I can say that I returned to my roots.


I love travelling, visiting new cities and countries, discovering new cultures and tasting different types of food, I like meeting new people and speaking foreign languages... I'm also keen on learning, sharing knowledge and talking about what I enjoy most in life... which explains my fist career choice. I taught English as a second language for about 10 years, before deciding to change jobs and to go back to university to get a degree in wine tourism. I extended my knowledge of grape-growing, wine-making and wine tasting by getting a WSET Diploma (level 3) - the Wine and Spirit Education Trust is a London-based organisation offering  trainings and certifications in wines and spirits all over the world.


I then worked in various wine cellars and wine shops in the Loire Valley.


In 2014 I decided to set up my own company, 'Rendez-Vous dans les Vignes', to offer wine tours and wine tastings at the family winery in particular and in the Loire Valley in general, and to be able to share my knowledge of the wine-producing world. It is also a little of my life and of my love for my home region that I want to share with you during the wine tours and wine tastings I organise. The tours I offer are 'slow' tours: we take our time and enjoy the beautiful vineyard landscapes, as well as the peace and tranquility of living in the Loire Valley.


I hope you'll join us soon for a fun, informative and educational wine tour! 


+++ Our assets +++


+ A guide who grew up in the Loire Valley and belongs to a family of winemakers

+ A wine professional with a degree in wine tourism and a level 3 WSET diploma

+ A former English teacher who speaks English fluently

+ An ambassador of the Loire Valley brand

+ An immersion in a family winery at the heart of teh Loire Valley

+ Small-group tours adapted to everyone's knowledge

+ Certificate of Excellence on TripAdvisor in 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019

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Myriam Fouasse-Robert


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Wine is a cultural product. It should be enjoyed as such and consumed with moderation.

Alcohol abuse is bad for your health.