From vine to wine

A complete wine experience, from vine to wine

Do you know how to make a sweet wine, or a rosé and a red wine? What about the bubbles in a sparkling wine?...  This complete wine experience at the heart of our  family winery will allow you to discover the whole wine-making process, from grape to wine.


This 3-hour tour begins with a guided walk in the vineyard - where everything starts, as no good wine can be made without growing quality grapes in the first place!  You will learn about French 'AOCs' (Appellations of Controlled Origin) in general and about AOC Vouvray - which is produced in this area of the Loire Valley - in particular, about the vinegrower's work in the vines throughout the year. This guided walk will also be the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful vineyard landscapes and to discover "troglodytes" - traditional Loire Valley dwellings dug in the limestone.


We will then tour the family-owned winery and the rock-hewn cellar to learn about vinification, ageing and the traditional method - the process used to make our sparkling wines. Depending on the date of your visit, you may be able to attend wine-bottling, disgorgement, labelling or even machine or hand harvest.


We will finish with a tutored tasting of 6 Vouvray/Touraine/Loire wines served with local delicacies (Loire fish rillettes, various local cheeses and charcuteries, a local dessert...) to learn about wine tasting and about food and wine pairing. During this wine tasting, you'll have the opportunity to taste all colours and all styles of wine - sparkling, rosé, red, dry and sweet white wines.


This wine tour is adapted to both beginners or wine amateurs (we've already had American sommeliers joining this tour). Our speech is adapted to everyone's knowledge about wine. Children from 8 years old are welcome on this tour.


In case you are a vegetarian, please let us know in advance so that we can adapt the local delicacies served during the wine tasting to your diet. If you eat gluten-free food, you are welcome to bring your own bread.

FROM VINE TO WINE: €40/person

What the price includes:

- a guided walk in the vineyard (about 2 km)

- a visit of the winery

- a tour of the rock-hewn cellar

- a tutored tasting of 6 Vouvray/Touraine/Loire wines

- local finger food served with the wines


3-hour tour

All year, on reservation only

Children (from 8 to 15 years old): €13

"From vine to wine": a few images

They have experimented...

"Brilliant tour! A highlight of our holiday"

"We booked the three-hour tour of the vineyard, winery and cellar followed by tasting of 6 wines, with samples of excellent locally-prepared food. It was a delightful visit, and one of the highlights of our holiday. Our guide, Myriam (wife of the vineyard owner) was so knowledgeable and engaging, answering all of our questions and making the visit thoroughly enjoyable. Her English is superb. The selection of wines to taste was excellent and the food delicious. The price for the tour might seem high at first glance, but it is absolutely worth the money!" (boothe2016 on Tripadvisor, July 2020)


"Superb tour and tasting"

"Myriam is both passionate and knowledgeable about wine. The tour of the vineyard was fascinating, especially during the harvest, where we saw both manual and mechanical harvesting. Thoroughly memorable, really excellent overall." (579j on Tripadvisor, October 2019)

'From vine to wine' tours in winter


You're visiting the Loire Valley in winter? Why not join the 'From vine to wine' tour during your stay in the area? People often think that visiting the vineyard is not so interesting in the winter time, as there are no leaves on the vines and no grapes to see or taste.  Indeed, but there is still a lot to show and to learn! Winter is a busy time for the vinegrowers, as it is pruning time. Which means you may be lucky to see workers pruning during the guided walk in the vineyard. Among other things, Myriam will explain how to prune, why pruning is so important... and the use of this strange wheelbarrow you can see in the picture. So wrap up warm and join us for a 'From vine to wine' tour!

'From vine to wine' tours during hot summer days


Global warming is here... winemakers all over the world are the actual witnesses of this sad phenomemon. We will tell you about its impact on vine-growing and wine-making during our wine tours.

This means summer weather in the Loire Valley tends to get warmer and warmer, sometimes bringing heat waves. During those particularly warm days, we still offer our traditional wine tours, but we adapt our visits so that you can enjoy them as much as possible and don't suffer from the heat.

The time when the tours start may change a little, depending on the peaks of temperature announced by the weather forecast. If you come in the afternoon, our walk in the vineyard offers some shade to find shelter (a little less in the morning but the temperatures are generally cooler at 10am). Myriam always takes a bottle of water, cups and a water sprayer with her during the vineyard walks and makes them available to visitors at any time. To finish we may drive our cars to get as close as possible to the vineyard and to avoid walking for too long on the road.

Then we'll let you imagine how delightful it is when, once the walk in the vineyard is over and we come back to the winery, we all enter the rock-hewn cellar, where the temperature is much cooler and refreshing! So don't hesitate, bring your hats and sun screen, and join us on one of our wine tours, in the beautiful sun of the Loire Valley!

Loire Wine Tours

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Wine is a cultural product. It should be enjoyed as such and consumed in moderation.

Alcohol abuse is bad for your health.

The prices mentioned are valid from January 1st to December 31st 2021.