Gift cards: offer a wine tour and wine tasting in the Loire valley


You want to treat someone special? Why not offer them a unique and unforgettable experience in the Loire Valley vineyard? A genuine and friendly moment that will enable them to learn about wine tasting, to sample a diversity of Loire wines and to discover the winegrower's work throughout the year.


You will find more information about  the various wine tours, wine activities and wine tastings offered throughout the year by Myriam on the different pages of this website : 'Half day wine tours', 'Discover the vineyard differently', 'Wine activities', etc. A diversity of wine tours and wine tastings that will allow everyone to enjoy this special moment in the vineyard

How to buy a gift card

You can buy your gift certificate directly online from the table listing our different offers below. Buying a gift card implies you will have to pay the full amount of the tour - easy and convenient for the people coming to enjoy a wine tour and/or wine and food tasting with Myriam in the Vouvray vineyard, as they won't have to spend any money when arriving on the day of the tour.


Choose the wine tour you want to offer - it will determine the price of the gift card.

Pay online. You will received an email confirming your purchase. Myriam will also receive this email including your email address, so that she can send you a voucher to print and to give to the happy recipient of the gift certificate.


NB : if you do not wish to pay online, it is possible to pay by bank transfer. In that case, please contact Myriam so that she can send you her bank details.

How to use the gift card

The person who benefits from your present will need to contact Myriam to book his/her wine tour on the date that best suits him/her.

Our gift cards are valid for one year after the date of purchase, which means they will have plenty of time to enjoy it.