You've got some questions? We are here to answer them! If you cannot find your question in the list below, please send us an email, we'll be delighted to help.

Q: What is 'Rendez-Vous dans les Vignes'?

A: It is the French name of my company. It means 'Let's meet in the vineyard!' I couldn't really translate it into English and had to find a name that was more relevant and meaningful, so I chose Loire Wine Tours.

Q: What time of the year do your wine tours and wine tastings take place?

A: Our wine tours and wine tastings take place all year, from January to December.

Q: What days and what time do you give tours in the vineyard?

A: Our wine tours and wine tastings take place from Monday to Saturday and start at 10:00am or 3:30pm, according to a schedule that is available online. If the dates and times offered do not suit you and you need a special schedule, please contact Myriam to see if an alternative is possible. We'll try to make everything possible!

Q: Some tours start at 10:00 am. Isn't that too early to taste wine?

A: Don't worry, you won't taste wine at 10:00 am. In the case of a wine tour, we first visit the vineyard and/or the winery and rock-hewn cellar, so that the wine tasting starts around noon. Did you know that the best times of the day to taste wine are 11am and 6pm?

Q: Which wine tour do you give the most?

A: The wine tour people most frequently book is the 'From vine to wine' tour. It is a complete visit that includes a guided walk in the vineyard, a visit to the rock-hewn cellar and a tasting of 6 wines and local products. It is suitable for beginners as well as for people who already have knowledge about wine. Children from 8-10 years old can also participate.

Q: What is the best moment of the year for the 'From vine to wine' tour?

A: There is no better time than another, because there are things to show and see all year round in the vines, even in winter, which is a period of intense work in the vineyard. Let's say that if you want to see some leaves, it is better to come from mid-April. From the end of August and until mid-October, depending on the year, you will be able to taste some grapes and possibly see the harvest. From mid-October, you will enjoy the wonderful yellow and golden colors of autumn.

Q: How many people do you accept per visit?

A: A minimum of 4 people is required for a visit to take place. We reserve ourselves the right to cancel the visit in case minimum participation is not reached. We limit groups of individual visitors to a dozen participants to create a friendly environment where you will feel comfortable enough asking questions, interacting with other visitors and developing your knowledge of wine.

Q: I'm a solo traveller. Can I book a tour/tasting with you?

A: Yes. I also happen to travel alone sometimes, so I understand it can be difficult to book activities when one travels by themselves. My minimum group size is 2 or people, depending on the time of the year, so it means that if you book a wine tour/tasting and no other people book for the date and time you have chosen, I may have to cancel the tour. So make sure other people have already booked when you do. Contact me and I can give you some more information or some alternative dates or keep you posted about availability.

Q: Do you run tours for groups?

A: Yes, we offer tours for groups (we have already hosted groups of around 80 people), with adapted services. Our group rates are applicable from 15 people. The content of the tours is generally not the same as for the tours for individuals, advertised  on this website. Please contact us for more information.

Q: Is it possible to privatise a wine tour or wine tasting?

A: It is possible, for a minimum price of €320. In the case of a stag or hen party taking place at the weekend, a minimum of 10 participants is required, or a minimum price of €400 if this number of participants is not reached. Please contact me for more information. 

Q: Do we have to book? If yes, how long in advance?

A: Yes, you must book your visit and / or wine tasting. Local delicacies are served with the wines during the tasting. Your reservation therefore allows us to prepare the food accordingly.

It is possible to book the day before for the next day, as long as tickets are still available. However, we operate on a 'first come, first served' basis: we therefore advise you to book as soon as you know your availability.

Q: My dates aren't showing up in the calendar.

A: I am probably away or not available, but call me or e-mail me, just in case.

Q: I want to book 'A taste of the Loire' but only 'From vine to wine' is available, why?

A: It is only me running the wine tours and wine tastings, so whoever books first decides which tour/tasting will take place that day.

Q: What happens when it rains? Is the tour canceled or postponed?

A: No. In this case, I adapt the content of the tour: we visit the cellar and/or do the wine tasting before leaving for the vines. If the wine tasting were to take place in the vineyard, we find shelter inside instead, in the tasting room or in front of the fireplace at the entrance of the cellar. In any case, I ask the participants to equip themselves accordingly: boots, umbrella, raincoat...

Q: What is your cancellation policy?

A: For any visit booked and canceled by the customer no later than 15 calendar days before the day and time of the visit, the 25% deposit is refunded, with the exception of commission fees charged by the company managing the online reservation software (the service charge per transaction is 1.8% + 0.20 €). Any cancellation occurring between 15 calendar days and 48 hours before the start of the service results in the loss of the deposit. For any cancellation made less than 48 hours before the start time of the service and / or in the event of a no-show for the visit, RDV dans les Vignes reserves the right to claim payment of the amount remaining due in addition to the deposit.

NB: our general terms and conditions have evolved due to Covid-19. More flexibility for a more serene experience!

Q: When do you host wine tasting courses?

A: I generally host wine tasting courses during the low tourist season, from October to April. These tastings are scheduled on Saturdays or in the evenings. It is nevertheless possible for me to give them during the tourist season to already formed groups.

Q: What language are the tours/tastings in?

A: I offer tours in French OR in English. I do not mix the two languages during the visits, for the comfort of visitors (and for mine too, because it is tiring to have to speak two languages for 3 hours!). There are therefore slots dedicated to visits in French, others for visits in English. If you wish to take a tour in French, please book it on our French website.

Q: Are the tours suitable for children?

A: Some of our tours are suitable for children from 6 years old. The 'Gourmet stroll' is the most appropriate visit for young people. The visit 'From vine to wine' is also adapted to children, a little older though (from 8-10 years).

Q: What means of payment do you accept?

A: For the payment of the visits, we accept cash only (no credit card).

Q: Do you organise hen/stag/bachelor parties?

A: Yes. Several times a year, I host groups coming to celebrate hen/stag parties. For these events, I do not offer a ready-made formula, I adapt to the time you have, to the desires of the group. I invite you to contact me for a personalized quote.

Q: We are getting married in France next year. Can you host a wine tasting during the cocktail or reception?

A: Yes. I can meet you and your guests at the reception site and organise a wine tasting, at the time that suits you best (during the cocktail, or dinner...) and on the theme of your choice.

Q: Where do you get your wines from?

A: My husband is a winemaker and owns a winery, which means a lot of the wines I serve are produced at the family winery. However some wine tastings I organise are dedicated to Loire Valley wines in general. In this case, I get all my wines directly from small local independent wineries.

Q: I am vegetarian/vegan. Is it possible to get suitable food during the wine tastings?

A: Yes. I can substitute cold meats and/or cheeses with products adapted to your diet (terrines/vegetable spreads, cheese or additional desserts ...). Do not forget to tell me about your dietary constraints when booking.

Q: Can I buy gift vouchers/cards?

A: Yes. You can buy gift vouchers online, on the dedicated page (link below). You will find there all the explanations concerning the purchase and the use of these vouchers.

Q: I was offered a gift card. How do I book my visit?

A: Please contact me by email or by phone so that we can set teh date and date of your visit together. You do not need to make an online reservation on the website, as you will be asked to pay a deposit. Your entire visit has already been paid for.

Q: I was offered a gift card. The validity date is near and I haven't used it yet. Is it possible to extend it?

A: Yes. I invite you to contact me by email or by phone before the expiry date. In this case, when the recipients of a gift card have not been able to use it, for different reasons, I extend the validity of the card by 6 months.

NB: the conditions of use of our gift cards and gift vouchers have changed to adapt the Covid-19 crisis. More flexibility to allow you to enjoy them longer and more serenely!

Q: Can you recommend things to do in the Loire Valley?

Yes. But before I send you a long email, please take the time to read the page of my website that is dedicated to my favourite sites and to the things not to be missed in the Loire Valley.

Q: Where can I sleep near your winery?

A: We provide you with a list of accommodation (B&Bs, guesthouses, lodges, hotels, campsites) located for most of them near our family winery, but also more generally in the Touraine region. We know the owners of these places, which have already been tested by some of our visitors. We are therefore sure of the quality of the accommodation and of the warm welcome you will be greeted with. 

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