Wine tourism

Wine tourism · 25. February 2021
Wine heritage: vineyard lodges in the Loire Valley
If you come to the Loire Valley and take a wine tour, you will inevitably notice small houses, proudly standing in the middle of the vineyards - sometimes abandoned and in ruins, unfortunately. Vineyard lodges are the witnesses of past times, of another way of life - that of the local winegrowers until the end of WWII. Do not hesitate to walk in the vineyard (the footpaths are public) to discover these charming little buildings -some of them remain open - when visiting the Loire Valley.
Wine tourism · 04. April 2020
Wild tulips in the vineyard of Vouvray, in the Loire Valley, are a protected species and a beautiful sight to discover every spring. More information in this article, published in a particular context...
Wine tourism · 15. May 2019
Vines and wines in Britain
Let's cross the Channel and discover the English wine production! I had the opportunity, in December 2017, to visit a vineyard located 4 kilometers from the city of Bath, in Somerset, in the west of England. I will tell you a little more about the small vineyard and the wines - which I was able to taste - of Mumfords Vineyard, a wine estate managed by Tony and Margaret Cox since the 1980s.

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