Roasted chestnuts and new wine

Experience a local tradition! A couple of weeks after the beginning of the harvest, local people enjoy drinking new wine with chestnuts roasted in the fireplace. This new wine is not really wine yet, it is legally called 'partially fermented must', which means fermenting grape juice - called must - that contains approximately 5% alcohol.


Come and spend an evening visiting our winery and our rock-hewn cellar and taste by the fireplace the wines produced by Vignoble Alain Robert with local food, new wine and roasted chestnuts.


What the price includes:

- a visit of the winery and the rock-hewn wine cellar

- a tasting of musts (fermenting grape juices)

- a tasting of the estate wines in front of the fireplace

- local finger food served with the wines

- roasted chestnuts and new wine for dessert

- wine games during the meal


2 1/2-hour tour

On a Friday or a Saturday evening during the harvest

Children under 12 years old: €20

On reservation only


Loire Wine Tours

Myriam Fouasse-Robert


37210 Chançay

+33 6 52 16 97 07


Wine is a cultural product. It should be enjoyed as such and consumed in moderation.

Alcohol abuse is bad for your health.

The prices mentioned are valid from January 1st to December 31st 2021.