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Promoting Vouvray wines with Great British Chefs - Dec. 2017


I was back in London in December 2017, to promote Vouvray wines for the Christmas season. No wine tasting or cooking this time, though. Again the event was organised by Great British Chefs, and it consisted in answering various questions about Vouvray wines collected prior to the event on their Twitter account. The answers took the form of 30-second videos that were then posted on the social media.

Among the many questions, here are a few examples. Click on the underlined words to watch the videos.

- 'Can you recommend a good pairing with Christmas pudding and brandy butter?'

- 'Wine suggestions for New Year's Eve party with Japanese food, mainly sushi?'

-'What's a good alternative to Prosecco or Champagne for seeing in the New Year celebrations?'

-'What's a good wine to match with smoked salmon (either sparkling or still)?'

The Drinking Business - 13th November 2017

Myriam Fouasse-Robert speaking at the fish masterclass hosted by Great British Chefs and Vins de Vouvray.

In October 2017 I had the opportuniy to go to London to attend a masterclass organised by Great British Chefs and Vins de Vouvray to promote the wines of Vouvray in the UK.

Several journalists and bloggers had been invited to have dinner at the Underground Cookery School. The 3-course meal served that night had been created by young chef Tom Brown, whose goal was to find the perfect pairing between the different dishes and different styles of Vouvray wines.


The starter - raw scallops, chicken and leek dressing - was prepared by the participants and served with dry Vouvray wines.

The main course - brill, brown shrimp, caper and chervil butter sauce, sprouting broccoli - matched perfectly with the two semi-dry Vouvray wines served with it.

The sweet Vouvray wine accompanied a pear tatin tart, Earl grey ice cream and lime.


In all 3 courses, the chef managed to reveal what characterises Vouvray wines - the balance between sweetness (due to residual sugar) and acidity.


Phoebe French, who writes for The Drink Business, focused on sparkling Vouvray wines, that were served as an aperitif and that are more difficult to find in Great Britain than still Vouvray wines, or than other sparkling wines such as Champagne, Prosecco or Cava.

She explains why in her article.


Leah TRAvels - August 2016

Wine tasting at Vignoble Alain Robert



Leah Walker is a famous travel blogger and food writer from Texas who decided to settle in Paris a few years ago.

In June 2016, she was sent to the Loire Valley by Atout France - the country's tourism board in charge of promoting France as a touristic destination. For 6 days she had the opportunity to visit different wine-making regions, from Nantes to Sancerre.

Vouvray was one of them, and she came to spend an afternoon at Vignoble Alain Robert and took the 'From vine to wine' tour offered in the vineyard by Myriam.

Her trip to the Loire Valley resulted in an article (Drink Up : A Beginners's Guide to Loire Valley Wines) and a video, available on her travel blog.



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