Where to eat in the loire valley

In and around Vouvray


Les Hautes Roches


Quai de la Loire in Rochecorbon (between Vouvray and Tours)


This restaurant is located in one of the villages where Vouvray wines are produced. It is one of the best and most famous in the area - it has been awarded one star in the Michelin guide for several years now. The chef, Dider Edon, is originally from Britanny. He cooks fresh, seasonal and local products, but combines them with ingredients coming from other French regions, so that the flavours combine and enhance one another.. The food is wonderful, and the setting is exceptional, as the restaurant is located along the Loire. Its terrace overlooking the river is perfect to enjoy warm summer days and the scenery by siping a glass of Loire wine. And if you want to experience something really unique, why not book a room to stay on the premises after dinner? The place also includes a four-star hotel, whose troglodyte bedrooms are former cells dug in the limestone that were lived by monks coming from a nearby monastary in the Middle Ages. For sure, an exceptional place for an exceptional stay in the Loire Valley!

Les Gueules Noires


in Vouvray (Vallée Coquette)


You'd like to eat in a picturesque place while staying in the Loire Valley? This restaurant located in a cave in Vouvray is absolutely unique. Both the locals and the tourists love it! In summer, enjoy the lovely terrace with its view on the vineyard; in winter, the former dwelling in the rock with its fireplace will be like paradise.

No menu here, but several starters, main courses and desserts to choose from and which change according to what David and Catherine, the owners, find at local markets and producers'. They only cook fresh and seasonal products to prepare delicious ad original dishes. Lots of Loire wines - especially those produced in the Vouvray area - are available on the wine list.


Le Val Joli


In Vouvray (18 Route Nationale)


French cuisine cooked by Stéphanie, the chef, with seasonal and and fresh products. A nice restaurant, in a bright and elegant room, in the centre of Vouvray. Lovely staff, to help you choose from the different courses offered evey day. A wide choice of Loire Valley wines, and more precisely of Vouvray wines. If you don't want to spend too much money, you may choose the menu offered at lunch time, that is cooked with local produce and changes every day.



L' Arche de Meslay


14 rue des ailes, in Parçay-Meslay (along RN 10)


The environment of this restaurant may be a bit confusing in the first place, as it is located outside Tours' city center. However the inside will make you think of a gastronomy restaurant. The food is really good, and the ratio between quality and price really interesting. Several menus are offered, from €18 during the week (a lot of people who work in the neighbourhood have made their 'canteen' of this restaurant) to €27 at weekends. A restaurant where I have eaten several times, with my husband, my family or some friends, and where I've never been disappointed. I recommend that you try the 'bouillabaisse tourangelle', inspired by a dish originally prepared in Marseilles and that uses Mediterranean fish, and that is here adapted as it includes local charcuterie. 

Between Vouvray and Amboise


L'auberge de la Brenne


in Neuillé-le-Lierre (15 mn from Amboise)


A family-owned restaurant, that serves fresh and seasonal products - some of them coming from the chef's garden! - cooked by Ghislaine and her son-in-law, while her husband and their two daughters deal with the customers and service. A restaurant where I have eaten many times, with my husband, my family or some friends and where I have always been delighted by the food. One of my husband's favorite dessert is prepared here: 'îles flottantes aux pralines' - something you should try!

The place is also a hotel - a good address to spend a few nights in the area, while enjoying visiting castles, wineries and tasting Loire Valley wines.




in Saint-Ouen-les-Vignes (10 minutes from Amboise)


A beautiful setting for this gastronomy restaurant located at the heart of an old and lovely village close to Amboise.

The owners have perfectly combined tradition and innovation in this relaxing and peaceful restaurant. The food is excellent and the wine list is impressive - a lot of good wineries are reprensented, some of them from the Loire Valley.

The place is also a hotel, with a swimming-pool, and a spa open to the public.

In Amboise

where-to-eat-restaurant-Amboise-Touraine-Loire-Valley-wine-Les Arpents-local-seasonal-food

Les Arpents


5 rue d'Orange


A restaurant located just round the corner of the main shopping street of Amboise - rue Nationale - and within a 2-minutes' walk from the chateau. The €17.50 lunch menu includes a starter and a main course or a main course and a dessert, but if you are hungry and want to opt for the full menu of teh day, it will cost you €21.50. In the evening and at weekends, you will have to pay from €33 for a 3-course menu. A very good value given the quality of the seasonal products cooked by the chef and the nice and tasty food ending up in your plates. The wine lists presents beautiful bottles from local producers. We have tested this restaurant with friends and have loved it!

In the city of Tours


Le Turon


94 rue Colbert


This restaurant located in the heart of the old city of Tours, in a traditional wooden and brick 16th-century house. A comfortable and cosy place to enjoy local and seasonal food. Only 3 starters, 3 main courses and 3 desserts on the menu, which proves all the meals cooked by young chef Mathieu Melin are home-made from fresh products. I tried the Pithiviers - a Loire Valley specialty bearing the name of the town it comes from - cooked with local chicken, foie gras and mushrooms. The pie was really tasty and there was a lot to eat in the plate! Loire Valley wines are well-represented on the wine list, with famous wineries and good wines.


Au Martin Bleu


34 avenue de Grammont

This nice restaurant is located near the main square of the city of Tours, place Jean Jaurès, that hosts the town hall and the courthouse. It is not very large and the address is famous and successful, so don't forget to book, even if you go during the week or at lunch time. The chef, Florent Martin, specialises in cooking fish in general, and Loire fish in particular : silure - a big catfish found in the Loire river - is one of the specialties you will find on the menu. Fish but not only! 'Tête de veau' (literally calf's head - a famous French dish that was loved by our former president Jacques Chirac) and 'beuchelle à la tourangelle' (a local specialty cooked with sweetbread and calf's kidneys served with a creamy sauce and mushrooms) are part of what you can eat in this restaurant, that serves local, fresh and seasonal products. An address very much appreciated by the locals!


Two Thai restaurants in the centre of Tours 




Mai Tai


24 rue Bretonneau






17 rue Blaise Pascal



For those who enjoy Asian food - and Thai cuisine in particular - and don't feel like having French or local food every day, here are two good Thai restaurants, the first one being located in the old neighbourhood of Tours, close to Place Plumereau, the second near the train station. Good products for home-made food, nice people originally from Thailand giving you a warm welcome, for reasonable prices in the end.


Makeda - traditional Ethiopian cuisine


86 rue Colbert


If during your stay in the Loire Valley you get fed up with the local food - who knows?! - and feel like tasting something very different, why not try this Ethiopian restaurant, which is located in the old neighbourhood of the city of Tours? Various menus are available, but in any case there is always plenty to eat. A good opportunity to discover new ingredients and new flavours! In the evening and at weekends, don't forget to book, as the place is rather small and often full.