Oenology · 23. April 2021
A  family of "merrandiers"
From the tree to the stave, discover the job of "merrandier" - a profession that is not very well-known, even to people working in the wine industry. In this article, we introduce the work of Merrain Camille Gauthier, a family company based in the Loire Valley that makes staves for coopers and winemakers.
Oenology · 01. February 2021
International Wine Days
Did you know that certain days of the year honor grape varieties or types of wine? Riesling is thus celebrated on March 13th, Malbec on April 17th ... The 3rd Thursday of November is synonymous with the release of Beaujolais Nouveau and the 4th Friday ofJune is World Rosé Day (just at the beginning of summer, it couldn't have been better!) A good way to enhance these grape varieties and styles of wine, and to make the countries or regions that produce them better known.

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