Picnics and 'fouées' in the vineyard

After several years offering picnics in the vineyard, it is now time for us to develop other wine activities. As a consequence picnics in the vineyards will no longer be offered until further notice.

Picnics in the vineyard

You would like to spend some more time in the vineyard after your wine tour? We offer small groups the possibility to have meals in the vines, consisting in local delicacies made by regional producers.


We will provide a table and some chairs for you to sit in the shadow of a walnut tree located on one of the family estate's plots of land, right next to our vines. You will be able to enjoy the vineyard landscape, as well as some of our winery's Loire wines served with local food. You will undoubtedly be ready to experience a relaxing and unforgettable moment! 


Our picnics are only offered as a complement to our wine tours and wine tastings. They can't be booked independently.

For groups of minimum 10 people.

Please contact us for an estimate.


In case of bad weather, an indoor alternative, either in our rock-hewn cellar or in our tasting room, is offered.


For our own organisation, bookings should be made at least one week prior to the event.

The local products served during our picnics in the vines

Here is a glimpse at the local delicacies we serve during our picnics in the vineyard:


- Loire fish rillettes produced by Nicolas Hérault, a professional fisherman based near Chinon. We serve these rillettes as appetizers with Loire sparkling wines. The opportunity to try local fish such as mulet and 'silure' - a type of big catfish whose name you can't translate into English - cooked with local products like safran or Sauvignon Blanc wine.


- a local quiche called 'quiche tourangelle', made with rillettes de Tours and rillons de Touraine. A dish that everybody loves!


- local cheeses : the Loire Valley is famous for goat cheese, more than cow's cheese. There are dozens of different types, depending on the farms they come from. 5 goat cheeses are classified as AOC (something you will learn about during our wine tours, in case you are not familiar with that system). We also include local cow's cheese in our picnics, to satisfy everybody's taste buds!


- nougat de Tours : in Tours, what people call nougat is a cake - unlike in the south east of France where nougat is a candy made with honey and dried almonds - made with a layer of candied fruit rolled in apricot jam and macaronade - a mix of beaten egg white, powdered almond and sugar - on top. A light and fruity cake to enjoy with a sparkling rosé wine or a sweet white wine!

Eating 'fouées' in the vineyard


Come and spend some time in the heart of the vineyards to enjoy eating 'fouées', a Loire Valley specialty that everyone loves! They are small round breads baked in a traditional wood oven. When still warm, they are filled with fish or pork rillettes, goat cheese, garlic butter, honey... and they are a delight!


We work with a local service provider who travels with his bread oven to bake the fouées in front of you.


For groups of minimum 15 people.

Quote on request.

In case of rainy or cold weather, an indoor alternative is possible.

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Wine is a cultural product. It should be enjoyed as such and consumed in moderation.

Alcohol abuse is bad for your health.

The prices mentioned are valid from January 1st to December 31st 2021.