Online wine tastings

Connect with family and friends over a glass of wine


During lockdown in France in spring 2020, as it was not possible for us to give our regular wine tours and wine tastings, we started offering online wine tastings to allow people to keep in touch and to keep learning about wine and wine tasting.

These online wine tastings sparked enthusiasm, which is why we decided to renew the offer when the second lockdown started in November 2020.


The concept is simple: you sit on your sofa - or wherever you find it comfortable-, we connect thanks to Zoom ro Skype and for an hour or so, in small groups (8 connected accounts approximately), we talk about wine, wine tasting, and we taste wine of course. You're going to tell me: "What about the bottles of wine? What do we taste? Do we all taste the same wine?" Several options are possible for these wine tastings behind the screen.


Option 1 : you choose the wine(s) yourself - 25€/person

How does it work?


You contact Myriam by email.


We set the date and time

of the wine tasting together.


You choose your wine.
You send me a photo of the label,

so that I know what will be tasted.


You log into Zoom or Skype

on the date and time chosen
using the link received by email.

What wine may I choose?

Nothing imposed, you choose!
One condition though: it should be French wine, as it is what I know best and specialise in. Which already gives you a lot to choose from!

White, red, rosé, sparkling...
Any wine will do!
A tip: treat yourself!

It is therefore possible for people located in different places to participate, even if everyone has a different bottle of wine.

What happens next?


We smell, we taste, we comment,

we explain, we go over the basics

of wine tasting if necessary,

we talk about French wines, AOCs,

wine regions, grape varieties...

We drink ... in moderation!

To put it in a nutshell, we share

and spend a good time

and we learn in a fun and relaxed way!

Option 2 : we ship the wines to your home - from €150

We work with a company based in the Loire Valley that specialises in shipping wine all over the world. It is consequently possible to ship a box of wine - or more - to your home. Bottles are shipped in units of 6 only. As far as the wine tastings are concerned, there are again two options.

Vignoble Alain Robert's Vouvray wines Masterclass - from €150

Vignoble Alain Robert is the family winery, which specialises in AOC Vouvray wines, mdae from Chenin Blanc. This white grape variety originates from the Loire Valley. Even though it allows wine makers to make white wines only, it is considered as unique, as all styles are possible - sparkling wines and still wines ranging from very dry to super sweet.

Vouvray is a village located east of Tours which gives its name to an AOC (Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée) that only allows for the production of white wine, as one single grape variety can be grown there: Chenin Blanc. However different types of soils and different dates of harvest enable the winemakers to make wines that have different characteristics and profiles.

During this online wine tasting and masterclass, we would like you to experiment the different facets of Vouvray wines. The wines shipped and tasted include: 1 sparkling wine, 2 dry wines made from grapes grown on 2 different types of soils, 1 off-dry wine, 1 semi-dry wine and one sweet wine (old vintage).


What the price includes:

- 6 bottles of Vouvray wines (1 sparkling, 2 dry, 1 off-dry, 1 semi-dry, 1 sweet)

- the online Vouvray masterclass and wine tasting (1 1/2-hour session)


The shipping costs are not included. For more information about shipping costs, please refer to the dedicated page (link above).


Loire Valley Wines Masterclass - from €200

Wines have been produced in the Loire Valley for about 2,000 years. Even though this wine-making region is not so famous as Champagne, Bordeaux or Burgundy, it has a great many facets and surprises to reveal. All colours and styles of wines are produced in the Loire Valley - we like to say that there is a wine for everyone. And among all the wines produced in France, the Loire Valley offers one of the best ratio between quality and price.

You would like to discover or to learn more about the wines produced in the Loire Valley? This is the region we specialise in, as this is where Myriam was born, grew up and still lives.


For this wine tasting, a great range of wine styles are available: depending on your own personal tastes, we can either provide and ship a variety of wines (e.g. 1 sparkling wine, 2 dry white wines, 2 red wines, 1 sweet wine) or focus on one or two particular styles (for example, all reds or all dry whites, or a mix of the two). What will be tasted will be discussed prior to the shipping of the wines.


What the price includes:

- 6 bottles of Loire Valley wines (styles of wine to be determined in advance)

- the online Loire Valley masterclass and wine tasting (2-hour session)


The shipping costs are not included. For more information about shipping costs, please refer to the dedicated page (link above).


They have experimented...

"We had a wonderful time with Myriam who did a virtual wine tasting with a group of us. She was knowledgeable, kept the experience fun, and tailored it to our wine preferences. We had an absolute great time and will definitely look to work with her again!" (Robert Hale on Google, March 2022)

Loire Wine Tours

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+33 6 52 16 97 07


Wine is a cultural product. It should be enjoyed as such and consumed in moderation.

Alcohol abuse is bad for your health.

The prices mentioned are valid from January 1st to December 31st 2021.